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Electrical Contractor

PAR Industries is committed to connecting the customer’s electrical needs with quality and affordable service. Our purpose is to help our customers achieve their goals by safely installing and maintaining electrical systems with high quality products and services while also providing cost-effectiveness and a reasonable return on investment to our company.

Electrician engineer work tester measuring voltage and current of power electric line in electical cabinet control.

Industrial and Commercial

PAR Industries provides electrical installation for new commercial and industrial construction as well as tenant improvements. We have completed a wide range of new construction projects, including ALDI Food Stores, Dollar General Stores, and many others. Aside from new construction, we provide a wide range of service installations including light fixture changeouts to new, more efficient LED fixtures, parking lot lights, security lighting, to name a few. Tenant improvement projects are designed and customized around the client’s needs to enhance efficiency and productivity for our clients.

Farming and Agriculture

Our local farmers have electrical improvement needs as well. PAR Industries installs electrical for agriculture items such as pole barns, grain bins and dryers, feed legs, augers, and feed conveyors. Tim and Jason’s farming and agricultural roots offer an added experience factor to aid in connecting with our farmers and providing them with the service and efficiency they need. 

Conveyer Electrical Installation

PAR Industries installs the necessary electrical and electrical controls for conveyor systems in distribution centers across the Midwest, included Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arkansas, Texas, and Tennessee. PAR has a team of experienced and highly skilled technicians to successfully complete each install to meet each customer’s needs. Our customers are striving to meet the demands of today’s ever-growing economy of e-commerce and brick and mortar retail. Utilizing a high-functioning conveyor system is a staple for workflow efficiency and material handling to meet these economic demands.

Our Mission

PAR Industries is committed to connecting the customer’s electrical needs with quality and affordable service.



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